About Silver & Beyond

Opened in 2004, Silver & Beyond is a showcase gallery in Designers jewelry, handbags and accessories. Located in downtown East Lansing, we are the destination to find the finishing touch for any outfit. From the moment you walk through our doors, you'll be our guest. We'll try our best to make your shopping experience an enjoyable one. Our jewelry collection is very exclusive.

As the owner of Silver & Beyond, my job is to find beautiful and unique jewelries to share with my customers. The challenge is keeping Silver & Beyond unique. I'm always looking forward to what's new or next. I travel all over searching for the unique necklace or the trendy handbag. I have my customers in mind and I listen to their requests. I believe that every piece is waiting for the right customer to come. We carry a large selection of Designer Evening bags, elegant Italian leather bags and wallets, casual bags, Weekend bags & between.

So, it's with a desire to own my own gallery and a passion for style, I welcome you to Silver & Beyond.

Mission - Our mission is to make each customer's experience a pleasant one. We believe that a positive attitude and great customer service are our main goal.

Silver & Beyond will not be selling on line because our philosophy is "Feel it, Try it & Enjoy it"